iCigar Digital humidifier Pro. DCH-65 Bluetooth Kit

      iCigar® Pro humidifier DCH-65 Bluetooth Kit

      Compact Duel Fan and See-through 1/2 Gal Water Tank Design Technology innovations enable iCigar® humidifiers to give you the new level of acclaimed performance in a cigar humidor Cabin resistant.
      Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter With the introduction of the DCH-BD1 Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, you can now check and control the humidity of your humidor without ever opening the lid. (Adapter optional, no internet required)
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter include 
    • Free APP for iPhone and Android Phone.
    • Re-calibrating technology
    • Maintain up to 4 ~ 55 CB-FT (2' * 3' * 10') humidor cabins
    • Up to 110 CB-FT w/sub. tank (optional)
    • Powerful and quiet dual HD fan
    • Powerful and quiet HD fan
    • Liquid crystal display with light
    • Display RH Max/Min, 3 days average
    • Display °C/°F, lower, low battery
    • Display humidity %, humidity settings
    • Manually adjustable 40%~90%, +/- 1%
    • 100~240V/AC
    • 9”L x 4 3/4”W x 4 1/2”H
    • Model#: DCH-65BDKIT
    • One year limited warranty
    • Worldwide Patent rights issued and/or Pending


       Package include  

  • Power Adapter (110~240V)
  • 8FT Flat power cable
  • Gel
  • Bluetooth Adapter

iCigar Digital humidifier Pro. DCH-65 Bluetooth Kit

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